Prepping, Politics & Patriots – You Need to Get Active

What does Politics & Patriotism & Prepping have to do with YOU & Why do you need to pay attention to any of it?

To some the connection is quite clear to others not so much.

I would hope that you are in fact registered to vote & actually do so every campaign & town budget.
Failure to vote means that you are part of the problem that you might be complaining about – especially at the local level where your vote counts the most.

Do you know who your state level elected officials are?
When was the last time you paid attention to what they were in fact planning to pass in the way of laws?
Have you spoken up to your elected officials at the state level by either writing a letter or sending an email or making a phone call?
When was the last time that you actually went up to the state capitol to voice your opinion at a state hearing on a bill?

We have the most voice at the local level.
You may live in a state that has a state capitol that is far away but your town hall is in your town & you should at least get up there a few times a year.

The laws that your elected officials affects your lives on all levels – you should at least know what is going on in your town, state level government levels.
We may not have a voice at the federal level other than to vote every 6 years for a Senator & every 4 for President but it is quite different at the State & Local levels.

You need to speak up to your town & state level elected officials & that is where change can & will be made

Pay attention because what your elected officials are doing raises your taxes & changes laws that may affect your Constitutional Rights or even your ability to grow your own food
If you prep but keep your head in the sand & keep silent are you any better than the “sheeple” so often made fun of in the professional prepping websites & blogs?

This year the blogging got put to the wayside as I got up off my duff & ran for office
That was quite an “interesting” experience to say the least
What are YOU going to do in 2015 to make Your Life & Our Country a Better Place?

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Stand with CT

I’ve been seeing lots of posts & videos around the web about I Stand With CT

Nice memes but more important is to get the word out about the CT Lawsuits that are in process

The Rally in the capitol on April 5th

If you Stand with CT share THIS LINK & Support the Legal Battle –

Come to the Rally if you are in the area April 5th!…/c0hvk5r4dlcap70cr9i767j2em0

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Wow News on my mind

Wow News on my mind

AvonCTStyle the News Junkie has so much on her mind

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Elections coming 2014

The 2014 election cycle seems to have already started…

Not Officially announced yet but Tom Foley put forward an ad in NY state

Wikipedia already has a page up that lists only the 3 biggest party approved names as running

A story & poll has been by done by one of the local main stream media reporters

the results were interesting to see

Although last on the poll list the candidate with the most votes in the poll is Joe Visconti

Joe Visconti is not well known across the entire state so that he has the CT GOP approval yet

But the polling suggests that the leadership at the CT GOP might more seriously consider giving Joe Visconti the support because he is doing well in the polls


Thank you for voting!
Joe Visconti 45.8% (464 votes)

Tom Foley 22.61% (229 votes)

Penny Bacchiochi 7.8% (79 votes)

Another Republican 7.6% (77 votes)

Mark Boughton 4.54% (46 votes)

Dannel Malloy 4.15% (42 votes)

John McKinney 4.15% (42 votes)

Another Democrat 2.07% (21 votes)

Larry Cafero 0.89% (9 votes)

Toni Boucher 0.39% (4 votes)

Total Votes: 1,013

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Craziness in CT 2013

Way too much has been happening since my last post

Some great some not good at all but many things that are Life Changing

Life here in CT has been changing quite quickly

Both on a personal level as well as on a wider state & national part of the bigger “We the People” level with all that is going on

When I had put this post into drafts it was back in March the 3rd things were just starting to get busy in a new way in the state – people who weren’t politically active were suddenly getting ACTIVE going up to the State Capitol Building to Rally & Talk to their elected officials & testify in front of tv cameras their thoughts

Local elections have a new thing going on – non-career politicians running for town councils around the state as regular working people start taking back their towns from the career politicians who have been ignoring what is in the best interest of the people while enriching their personal & business friends as well as lining their own pockets

It’s been a crazy year in CT, wondering what else is going to happen with the elections next month
Will it be a light turnout due to voter apathy or will Patriots make it to the polls?

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9-11-13 Remembering 9-11

I hope to post a picture or two later of the Memorial Tribute that the Oath Keepers are doing on the Overpasses today in my area

In some places flags are at half staff – some for the recent death of some of the CT men & women whose bodies are scheduled to come back to CT today from a recent attack overseas & some in memorial of 9-11-01

We must Never Forget what has happened to us on 9-11 as our elected officials vote as to whether we will enter into yet another & possible global war if we do in fact follow the path that our leadership wants


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Puter Problems 3-31-13

Got that Love Hate thing going on with technology )0;}

The puter froze up on me late last night & kept giving me a message to click but what ever program was the cause of the freeze up I do not know & n matter how many times I clicked the pop up message it just wouldn’t shut down

Well a few hours later & I’m not certain what I did but the only way I can get the puter to work is in Safe Mode with Networking… I was running a reccommended Anti-Malware when this happened while I was multi-tasking online

It only found one issue when I ran it in Safe Mode & corrected that issue so I figured it would now be able to start normally… nope Black screen after logging on so I am now typing in safe mode with networking & not sure what to do

Why don’t laptops have ReStart buttons like desktops do? To try to get to the puter to reboot while stuck initially I removed the battery & when it’s been in the black screen after restarting in normal mode I’ve unplugged it & plugged it back in to try another restart but so far the only way that I’m not in black screen is when I’m in one of the Safe Modes )0;}

I’m tired & aggravated & now quite limited in being able to communicate with the friends I have both online & in the real world – kinda lonely my internet friends have a great sense of humor & it looks like I might be missing out on that a bit while I fight to get this fixed or have Hubby call his tech savvy friend to give some suggestions to resolve the issue or will I have to do the terrible thought of doing a re-install & lose all of the pictures & files that I have  – praying that when I shut this down & restart that some of the programs that i’ve uninstalled will fix this mess

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