Is 2015 a Good Year for you?

Just a quick question – has this year been a good year living in CT for You & Your Family & Friends?

Are you rethinking staying or leaving here in CT?

Many things are on my mind - news

This has been a crazy year & not in a good way so I’m ranting just a bit here & shaking my fist at “the powers that be”

State taxes raised to an outrageous amount at the state level because the democrats locked out the republicans from the budgeting table. Before the election last year we were repeatedly told there was going to be not only a balanced budget but there would be a surplus so that all taxpayers would get a $55.00 rebate…. well no one ever got the rebates & gee surprise surprise right after the election of 2014 it was announced that there was a problem with the budget (hhhmmm guess the republican candidates were right about that one too)

Town taxes also raised to outrageous amounts only to be voted down 4 times so the increase in the wasteful spending is not as high as the democrats had planned to put through originally

Several friends have moved out of state due to the ever increasing taxes, the renters packed & moved out easily but some of the homeowners have made the hard decision to take the loss on the sale of their home which had more mortgage left than the current value of the property.

A few friends are stuck here but have had their adult children leave to follow better job prospects in other states since their jobs, I’ve heard of parents telling their adult children NOT to return to CT after college or military service because there is nothing good happening in CT in the near future… it is a sad thing when lifelong CT citizens are chasing their children off from the state because they see our state dying.



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