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Special Celebration Collection Free Shipping is the local web site to check too You Want to get in on this once in a life time special If you’ve thought about picking up some of the smart value products This is the time to order … Continue reading

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What is your favorite cartoon character?

I have several favorite cartoon characters – Love the Cats from the Disney movie AristoCats also DarkWing Duck – which cartoon characters are your favorite? Ask me anything about Avon Products

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Rainy SF inspired question: If you could be any sea animal, what would you be?

I think I’d like to be either a dolphin or an orca because they are intelligent & seem to be social & family orientated Ask me anything about Avon Products

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If given the choice, would you rather have a piece of cake or a cookie?

If given the choice between a piece of cake or a cookie – I think I would chose the cake because cake has frosting & who wants just one cookie LOL – what is Your Choice? Ask me anything about … Continue reading

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how much are for the toriose watch

Since you didn’t give more of a description I can not tell which watch you are referring to All prices for Avon jewelry, skin care & other smart value products are listed on the website You can order directly … Continue reading

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Please help promote our site = It’s All About You Forum

Please help promote our site. I’ve just  joined a new forum that is called “It’s All About You”. I found out about the new forum from my youtube friend who is also a moderator on this new forum MakeupByMissVee is … Continue reading

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What quality do you value most in your friends?

The Quality I value most in my friends & family is Honesty – speak up & answer the questions Honestly & Openly & With Details if needed – misunderstandings & fights happen when people aren’t honest when answering questions & … Continue reading

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