About Avon CT Style

Well I’m trying to learn how to do this WordPress Blogging
I’ve been blogging over on Spaces for quite awhile & it was nice & easy & not much of a hassle if I wanted to mail in the sales flyers to keep everyone updated on the latest sales events but who didn’t want to clog up their emails with the sales flyers in addition to their already overflowing inboxes
so far I’m not liking the conversion process from Spaces Blog to here at WordPress because none of the links are working & 1/2 of my posts & videos etc are missing –
Maybe it’s just slow getting the links properly connected &
I hope that this improves because this just really kind of sucks that so much is being lost )0;}

So Much has changed in my life & in my knowledge of blogging here on WordPress – the above was posted Sept 30, 2010
Now in 2013 I know a little bit more how WordPress works so it’s not so teeth pulling for me to post
I still prefer the Spaces for ease of use & being able to simply take my time making the post offline in my email program including picture & then when finished emailing it in but…
I have finally started Vlogging & Live Streaming & I’m able to post those here

If you live in Central CT Visit my “web store” to see what I have in stock & we can arrange for an appointment


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