Craziness in CT 2013

Way too much has been happening since my last post

Some great some not good at all but many things that are Life Changing

Life here in CT has been changing quite quickly

Both on a personal level as well as on a wider state & national part of the bigger “We the People” level with all that is going on

When I had put this post into drafts it was back in March the 3rd things were just starting to get busy in a new way in the state – people who weren’t politically active were suddenly getting ACTIVE going up to the State Capitol Building to Rally & Talk to their elected officials & testify in front of tv cameras their thoughts

Local elections have a new thing going on – non-career politicians running for town councils around the state as regular working people start taking back their towns from the career politicians who have been ignoring what is in the best interest of the people while enriching their personal & business friends as well as lining their own pockets

It’s been a crazy year in CT, wondering what else is going to happen with the elections next month
Will it be a light turnout due to voter apathy or will Patriots make it to the polls?

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9-11-13 Remembering 9-11

I hope to post a picture or two later of the Memorial Tribute that the Oath Keepers are doing on the Overpasses today in my area

In some places flags are at half staff – some for the recent death of some of the CT men & women whose bodies are scheduled to come back to CT today from a recent attack overseas & some in memorial of 9-11-01

We must Never Forget what has happened to us on 9-11 as our elected officials vote as to whether we will enter into yet another & possible global war if we do in fact follow the path that our leadership wants


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Puter Problems 3-31-13

Got that Love Hate thing going on with technology )0;}

The puter froze up on me late last night & kept giving me a message to click but what ever program was the cause of the freeze up I do not know & n matter how many times I clicked the pop up message it just wouldn’t shut down

Well a few hours later & I’m not certain what I did but the only way I can get the puter to work is in Safe Mode with Networking… I was running a reccommended Anti-Malware when this happened while I was multi-tasking online

It only found one issue when I ran it in Safe Mode & corrected that issue so I figured it would now be able to start normally… nope Black screen after logging on so I am now typing in safe mode with networking & not sure what to do

Why don’t laptops have ReStart buttons like desktops do? To try to get to the puter to reboot while stuck initially I removed the battery & when it’s been in the black screen after restarting in normal mode I’ve unplugged it & plugged it back in to try another restart but so far the only way that I’m not in black screen is when I’m in one of the Safe Modes )0;}

I’m tired & aggravated & now quite limited in being able to communicate with the friends I have both online & in the real world – kinda lonely my internet friends have a great sense of humor & it looks like I might be missing out on that a bit while I fight to get this fixed or have Hubby call his tech savvy friend to give some suggestions to resolve the issue or will I have to do the terrible thought of doing a re-install & lose all of the pictures & files that I have  – praying that when I shut this down & restart that some of the programs that i’ve uninstalled will fix this mess

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Just found JeNotes Blog & it is nice to find a like minded person that is somewhere in my state outside of facebook posting to the internet against the craziness going on up at the CT state capitol

I’m now following this blogger & I suggest if you live in CT or the east coast that you do too, what’s happening here will attempt to spread to your state in the near future if this attack on American Values & the Constitution does not get stopped now

CT Conservative


Below are two documents put forth by the Bipartisan Task force on Gun Violence. From all that we were told, the committee was supposed to come up with bipartisan recommendations to put forth to the Leadership…those recommendations would then be put into an Emergency Certification (E-cert) bill that would bypass the normal legislative process and be voted on.

Democrat Gun Proposals

Republican Gun Proposals

Now here are how the proposals from the other two task forces came out

School Security

Mental Health

1st There should not be an E-cert for this legislation to be put forth…there is no emergency.
2nd. Rushing to do something…anything…is not good legislative practice

With the above out of the way….let’s get down to the nitty gritty…we have been misled…we have heard over and over that there would be only bipartisan proposals put forth…Not happening! There might be some overlap agreements on some of the…

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Western Massachusetts Survival & Preparedness Seminar

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this Free Survival Seminar due to not having a ride but I wanted to share this for those who are interested.

The very downside of this economy is that we’ve not been able to afford to pick up a 2nd car to replace the one that has died on us & Hubby’s job takes priority over going out to places like meetings & visiting folks at a distance due to the high gas prices.

Has the increase in gas prices affected how you go out & about?

Moms In Pink


I just wanted to share this wonderful event and make sure everyone gets a learning session about being prepared. I am so happy about this and I am so going to this event.

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Crazy Days of Summer 2012

Things have been quite quiet here on the Avon CT Style blog & I apologize for that. Things have come to a standstill for the Avon biz due to a problem with the district manager refusing to do her job. I’m hoping to be back up & running prior to the Fall Decor & beginning of the Christmas season.

In the meantime I’ve been working on learning Emergency Preparedness skills & prepping for when we have another weather event. I have been experimenting with container gardening this year. It’s not exactly the best garden but I have managed to have a few items that look like they’ll actually give us something to eat.

Tonight we got to eat the first of the radishes, I’m pleased that I planted 2 kinds one having a pinkish inside & the other having the traditional white inside. They added some color to the bagged salad which HubbyMan picked up at the store on his way home from work. It was gratifying to eat them even though it was just the 2 today.

Small Successes make even those most horrible days so much better.

I do have a question…

Do people eat the green tops of radishes like people cook up & eat mustard greens & collards? I’ve seen frozen turnip greens but don’t recall radishes & the greens are so big & bright on these I was wondering if they’re edible too? Just leave a reply below or email me at


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#LightsOutProject Blog & G+ page

I’ve started to participate in a creative writing that started on G+ & has been made into a Blog called the Lights Out Project.

With all the commotion over the DoomsDay Prepper series on the NatGeo channel & similar programs on other channels & of course the whole 2012 thing & the increased awareness of natural disasters some of the guys over on G+ got to talking about what could happen & what would people’s reactions be. So the question is being asked how would you personally handle the lights being out?

As of this moment the lights are still out & have been for the past 3 days….

The premise of the project: At 6:17pm April 12th, 2012 for some unknown reason all of the electric power in North America has ceased to work & no one knows why – what is happening to you, your family, your city or town? was born with the public invited to add something to the project – check it out, comment, ask questions, add your own short story to the work in progress & Share with others so we can get their perspective & input as well

Connect with the people over on G+ who are contributing & follow the updates there using the hashtag #LightsOutProject & follow the LightOutProject page

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