Just found JeNotes Blog & it is nice to find a like minded person that is somewhere in my state outside of facebook posting to the internet against the craziness going on up at the CT state capitol

I’m now following this blogger & I suggest if you live in CT or the east coast that you do too, what’s happening here will attempt to spread to your state in the near future if this attack on American Values & the Constitution does not get stopped now

CT Conservative


Below are two documents put forth by the Bipartisan Task force on Gun Violence. From all that we were told, the committee was supposed to come up with bipartisan recommendations to put forth to the Leadership…those recommendations would then be put into an Emergency Certification (E-cert) bill that would bypass the normal legislative process and be voted on.

Democrat Gun Proposals

Republican Gun Proposals

Now here are how the proposals from the other two task forces came out

School Security

Mental Health

1st There should not be an E-cert for this legislation to be put forth…there is no emergency.
2nd. Rushing to do something…anything…is not good legislative practice

With the above out of the way….let’s get down to the nitty gritty…we have been misled…we have heard over and over that there would be only bipartisan proposals put forth…Not happening! There might be some overlap agreements on some of the…

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