This is going to be quite an interesting project Are you creative? Want to give this a try then connect with Jody Swaney & get the party s

This is going to be quite an interesting project
Are you creative?
Want to give this a try then connect with Jody Swaney & get the party started (0;}
“PLEASE READ AND RESHARE THIS IS THAT IMPORTANT! Ok…. here we go. Let’s Do Something with this google circles. Lets publish a Kindle Book! I have half a dozen short stories and a few poems just sitting here doing nothing, and I want to publish a Kindle Book. “So?, What’s this have to do with me?” you’re probably asking. Well to be honest I am finding so much creativity on google circles that I honestly believe we can collaborate and have a book of poems and short stories ready to go to press 30 days from today. That’s my vision. The pay would be a writing credit and all income from future sales of the book would go directly to a charity that the contributors vote on. I don’t want it to be some half ass short rip off pamphlet but a good lengthy read. I want a brief contributors page including a photo for all of the 10 contributors. I’m looking for 6 writers, one editor, one marketer, one proof reader, and one person to be the over-all project manager. The project manager would be in charge of keeping in contact with the other contributors, nagging about dead lines, and keeping everyone motivated. I want daily meetings in hangouts. I want document sharing. I don’t want anything getting into the final draft without everyone agreeing to it. I am imagining 15 short stories book ended by poems. I need people who are creative and capable of working as a team, I need people who are willing to work because it won’t be easy. I need people who have the vision to see that we will be pioneering something new with a new tools. I need someone who is willing to be committed, and to feel the responsibility of the project. I need people who are willing to compromise and take direction from the project Manager whomever we should decide to vote into that position. I want a position as one of the writers and everything else should be subject to voting with majority rule. Also I want to have the team narrowed to 10 by noon Wednesday so we can choose our leader, our charity, and start work on Thursday. That will leave us 28 days to finish up. Are you in? I want to create a circle for this project and keep everything inside that circle with hints to the masses to create buzz. All I’m asking is hours of your hard work and time for no pay but to have your name published, and know that you were one of the first to fly to the moon in this rocket-ship called google+. One more thought.. The most important thing we need for this project are leadership skills and original content. I’m imagining the book not about google+ but created with google+. If you are one of these people please comment or email, if you know some one share it… The clock is ticking 5,4, 3, 2, 1! Go!”

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