“Reshared: Mixashawn Hemispheric Principles – AvonCTStyle’s YouTube Activity HEMISPHERIC PRINCIPLES… through the knowledge and practice o

“Reshared: Mixashawn Hemispheric Principles – AvonCTStyle’s YouTube Activity

HEMISPHERIC PRINCIPLES… through the knowledge and practice of Hemispheric Principles; understanding the interconnectedness of waves and frequencies in all dimensions. Passed down from antiquity, living in the breath of creativity and logic crafted from cultural perspectives that include first world (pre Roman) as well academic paradigms. This is a record of some of my work as artist and educator that spans the last two decades; utilizing what I call; Hemispheric Principles ; i.e. Indigenous principles that unify Sonic, Aquatic, Percussive and Harmonic qualities in practical applications that can give shelter, transport and enrich your body, mind and soul. SONIC; Musically I Fuse Traditional Indigenous, styles from both sides of the Atlantic and contemporary jazz, all the while recognizing the Indigenous artform as Jazz and my role and responsibility as practitioner of both ancient and contemporary musical forms and their cultural significance in terms of society and the living world. AQUATIC; Maritime culture; designing and using modified canoes inboth mono and multi hull form, propelled by paddle, sail, and power- on traditional water routes, with traditional designs- in modern materials. PERCUSSIVE; Understanding rhythm as universal time, essential to good health and overall harmony. HARMONIC; Composing history, architectural engineering, and science in the form of traditional wigwam, wetu frames covered in modern materials as a tool promoting the Natural Right to Shelter or quite simply; sovereignty as a result of self sufficiency, through creativity, will power and community effort. Recorded in the learning environments of the natural waters, to festivals, museums and academic setting from elementary to the college level; from the two decades spanning centuries twenty and twenty one in the Long tidal River land, Qwannitucket aka Connecticut. STORY BOARD Section one: Academic Begin w/ stream, bubbles short intro (text) Fade stream and (tape 2 33:00 flute trio) Wadsworth 2011 – superimpose appropriate text over water, wigwam and canoes images= Section two: Performance; The Living World”


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