How do you convince a 6 month old Lab-Bull that the doctors said he can’t run & play because we do not want to have him pull out his inside

How do you convince a 6 month old Lab-Bull that the doctors said he can’t run & play because we do not want to have him pull out his inside sticthes? Percy seems to be feeling no pain but HubbyMan said we should at least give him 1 pain pill of the 2 that is his dosage – yeah that was a chore he kept spitting out the peanut butter bread roll I made to “hide it” – I think about 1/2 of the pill made it down That plastic Lamp Shade collar is removed until he starts to lick at himself because hand feeding is quite messy with his drooling self & it was blocking him from eating or drinking from his bowl – think that we’re going to opt for a muzzle instead that way Percy can walk around the house freely & go up & down the back stairs without almost tripping everyone who is trying to hold up the lamp shade thing while encouraging him forward with out him falling or going to fast LOL of course no sooner do I type about the lamp shade being off until & I hear “Licking sounds” so I left post unsent to slow chase Percy into a corner with the lamp shade LOL I almost wish I had hidden cameras around the house to watch & laugh at what we look like at a later time I did put in a call to the doctors just to check on Percy because I had a question about the “sack size” looks like 1 might still be in there & they want us to come in tomorrow morning to make certain no infection is setting in or if it’s typical post-op swelling if it’s possible infection they’ll give Rx for it & if it’s just regular post-op swelling only a bit of gas wasted but everyone feels better knowing that Percy is OK You know I do appreciate the fact the vets there care enough to check on him Percy is napping & I think I’ll try to catch a quick nap too – it’s been a tiring day trying to keep him quiet when he wants to play – I’m worn out glad HubbyMan is on his early week


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