Anyone know how to work Webcam Max?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use this new program that I downloaded the other day has a 30 day free trial & then you can either pay for it or you can take one of their options to get a free license which has their branding on the videos & pictures which you make with the program

Downloading was the easy part lol

WebCam Max Program

This will be a rather fun program to work with I think once I actually learn how to work the features but it’s not quite as easy as it looks or how a person wants to naturally just click & drag or double click on the emotion icons

I did like the Rubber Stamping which I put all over on the end of the 2nd video & the results of which are on the start of the 3rd video

Now to be fair to both me & the program I did just jump in without reading any of the instructions on a Streaming Live website which I’m not 100% understanding how to operate so I’m working with 2 items which are supposed to be able to work together & am on a learning curve for both of them

That disclaime said when I installed the program the other night I took off all the checkmarkes making the program to be be the default for each of the many programs which it will work with – actualy it’s a pretty long list of programs & streaming websites that….

brb life calls will add more later

Well I’m back – still trying to figure out how to use the features on the WebCamMax

I uploaded the bit of playing around that I did do to YouTube & I must say that the uploading process was quite easy to do

You can view it over on the Avon CT Style YouTube page

I’ll upload others as I figure out how to use the program better, I do wish that they made the program a bit easier to use without having to read online the limited directions

For free I guess the aggravation of the learning curve is ok but if I do not figure out how to use the features by the end of the Free Trial Period I’ll just have to uninstall the program so that I’ll get back the room on my computer

Is WebCamMax worth paying for & how much does it cost you ask? 2 very good & legitimate questions & the price varies depending upon if you buy a lifetime license or a 1 year license $29.99 & if you happen to buy it when it’s On  Sale is the direct link to their purchase page. So I answered the last question first, now is it worth buying is what this post is about.

I can usually figure things out pretty easily being an intermediate level computer user but I am having some difficulty to get the features to work by just sitting down & playing with it which is more than a little bit disappointing for me especially since I’ve played with it 3 times already – usually by the time I’m playing with a program the 3rd time I’ve gotten the basics down proficiently enough that I’m able to use the program & even explain what I’m doing to someone who’s not seen the program before but so far thats not the case

Currently as I’m building my hobby business my funds are very limited in what I’m able to purchase which will be used for both business & fun so I have to choose where I place my money so that I’m maximizing my dollar so if I’m unable to “win” a free yea’s license I’m not likely to purchase this program myself. I might consider it down the road because it’s got some fun potential since it works with BlogTV & also I can easily upload to YouTube but since it’s taking so long to get fully up & running I’m thinking that I’m just not going to be able to justify the purchase with “my accounting” dept (aka Hubby) for this coming year.

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