“Holiday Hurries” pt 1

Wondering how to beat the Holiday Hurries when you have been procastinating all this time to get things done?

Sitting Tired House Cleaning Woman

Well it’s not too late to get you, the house & the family into “Company Clean” state so that you’re able to have some peace of mind that your mother-in-law or great aunt Lucy aren’t talking about the moment they walk in the door

First what you need to do is put on the coffee pot or tea kettle because you’re going to need that little extra energy & comfort

Regardless of the size of your abode there are times when life gets the better of us & we’ve neglected to keep our homes in the best of clean states so what we have to do is figure out what is important & must be done & what areas of the house can wait til another time

When company comes 3 places MUST Be PRESENTABLE

1 The Entryway since this sets the mood & is the 1st impression of the inside of your home (hopefully the outside curb appeal is in order but that’s another post)

2 The Bathroom because if someone is coming to visit for more than 5 minutes they are likely going to need to use it

3 The Living Room because you need some place for your guests to sit & chit chat while visiting

We all know that during this holiday season we’re likely to get visits from family members & friends we’ve not seen since last year so it’s vital that those 3 areas are kept in “Company Clean” state

If the children & spouse are in the home it’s time to enlist their help in getting & keeping the home ready for unexpected guests in addition to any dinner parties & gatherings that you’ve actually got planned

If the rest of the family isn’t used to helping out you may have to train them quickly on How to Help & which chores each has to do during this time

Many times they are actually willing to help they just do not know how to do it so call a family meeting & ask who wants to volunteer for which chores – since bed rooms can be closed off & unless guests are staying overnight there’s no reason for them to be in bedrooms the focus is on the 3 main areas followed by the kitchen & dining room &/or den if you have the last 2

For the short while (if you’re able, I know some apartments are so tiny it’s not posible) once the living room has been brought up to “Company Clean” it’s to remain “Off Limits” until Christmas morning (or Eve if you open the gifts then) when for that special time of gift opening the living room area is understandably filled with gift wrap & boxes of opened gifts for a good portion of the day – but the main idea is to try to keep everyone out of the living room unless “Company” has arrived so that it stays as clean as possible during this time

The bath room for most is the room which will be getting the most use that just can’t be avoided unless you have the luxury of having more than one but unless the children are very young it shouldn’t be hard to keep clean if you give it one good scrubbing & then daily everyone put their dirty wash clothes, towels & clothes in to the hamper rather than on the floor & the tooth brushes, hair brushes & beauty products all get put into their proper places before leaving the house in the morning

Over the Door Bathroom organizer = A Place for Everything & Everything in it's Place

I do reccomend this handy over the door organizer for the bathroom I have one in the main bathroom & it’s also great to have some items in there handy for those overnight guests who might end up staying unexpected like a couple of new unused toothbrushes that they can either take with them or if they’re good friends prone to staying weekends even once a month a cap on it will allow them to leave it there for next time they stay

This might also come in handy over by the entrance to the garage as a place to put those items that you want to be certain gets out the door with you in the morning & with the mirror insert it serves as a quick last check of the hair & makeup before you head out into the world

Well I’m going to close this post

I hope that this post has you thinking about how to streamline the process for getting your home ready for the Holiday Season & how you can get it “Company Clean”, next post I’ll offer some other handy tips but I think that posting I might be testing out the Voice Posting

Until we meet again Have a BEAUTIFUL Day!

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