Super Summer Event – Site-Wide Savings & Free Shipping

Of course All the Sizzling Deals are at

How is everyone doing during in this North East Heat Wave?
How’s the Heat where you live?
What are you doing to keep cool?
Are you remembering to Put on SunBlock &/or SPF Makeup &/or Day Cream?

Big difference with the Lotus Shield & without
I was debating doing 1/2 of my head with & 1/2 without
After I  washed out & have been walking around the house for 1 night & a full day
NNaaahhh I really hate the frizz that’s popping up
I am going out in public & why do I want to do that to myself? LOL

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s Jazz Festival in Hartford
The reprieve from the heatwave is supposed to end tomorrow night
Then it’s a bunch of 90 degree days ahead with thunderstorms slated for Friday night & Saturday night
Hopefully the storms will hold off until After the concert hours
But this will in deed be the weekend that the Lotus Shield will be put to the TEST!

I posted a video on the Local Store website so that you can see
what’s the 411 on the Lotus Shield as well as the Anew Night Emulsions
I’ll be adding more videos in the future

Be looking for the newest to the Anew Skin Care Line for the 60+ faces special needs
There’s a whole new line coming special items for Mommy to Be & Newborns
Getting a Christmas preview later this month but some of the hints for Fall are exciting
Yes in all this heat we’re already looking ahead for Back to School & Winter

By the way in all this heat I’m going to share non-Avon news
Friendly’s Ice is celebrating 75 years with $0.75 Single Scoop Cone or Dish
I’ve got my coupon printed up already & will be using it this coming week (0;}

Enjoy & Stay Cool!
Come chit chat with me on Google buzz AvonRepCT  (0;}

24/7 Web store Shopping
Free Direct Delivery
PayPal Now Accepted by Avon at Web Store

Coupon Code:RFSC15              DIRECT DELIVERY ONLY
Theresa Tillett
Shop my store:
*FREE STANDARD SHIPPING available for any domestic shipping address.
Hawaii and Alaska will be charged $15 surcharge for any hazardous materials such as nail enamel, fragrance, aerosols and some skin cleansers.
Offer does not apply to Next-Day or Express Shipping methods.
Offer valid only for orders submitted through the website with direct delivery shipping.
Please note, Avon does not ship Internationally or to the Islands.

Avon, 1251 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10020

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