Fragrance & Skincare Samples

So you are interested in the many fragrances that Avon has to offer
but haven’t yet smelled the wonderful aromas to know which one is right for you &
wish that you had a sample to try before you buy?
Well if you email your full contact information
Name,  Mailing Address, & Phone Number &
fill out the beauty profile quiz on the webstore site
I’ll be more than happy to snail mail to you
samples of the fragrances you request & some of the skincare & beauty products to try
that are reccomended for your skin care needs based on your Saved Profile Quiz Results

About Avon CT Style

"MaMa Te" the Fun Loving Lady here to help make your life more Beautiful with helpful & handy tips to make the most of your dollars The Wise Woman of Wonder has Advice from Experience as a Wife, Mother & Grandma - I'm "Old Enough to Know Better but Young Enough Not To Care"
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